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A Father’s Wedding Toast

Hello, I’m Jacy’s father, Christopher’s father-in-law. I was pulled away from the reception before the wedding pie was served and any toasts were made to the honored couple. I would like to present a virtual toast to them now before the blissful wedding first month has ended.

Here is to my beautiful daughter Jacy whom I love very, very much and I am so proud of, and to her husband, my new son-in-law Christopher: Congratulations on your sacramental vows which you have declared before all present and all on the website to witness!

May your union, your partnering, be blessed with ever-expanding love and joy, with the long range vision and commitment to grow through all the challenges life throws your way, with health and prosperity, and with the gifts of children and grandchildren.

Today being a new step in your journey together, always treat each other with love, compassion, forgiveness, and kindness.

May your journey continue to be exciting, fulfilling, expanding, and beautiful.

Photos, etc

Not sure what happened to my posts about pictures, video, etc?  Anyway, here are the links:

The video of our wedding ( can be viewed on the Graceland Chapel site until August 11th or so.  I’m sure Christopher knows how to post it on our site, too, for future reference.

Sara’s pictures are fabulous and are at: And I have posted pictures from many of our friends to

The professional pictures are viewed and purchased on separate sites.  At you can see the pics with username “Graceland” and password “CJPRI”.  Photos can be ordered from the Graceland Chapel site at

Leap of Faith

One question I’ve asked myself and Christopher – and that many friends have asked as well – is: Why get married?  Christopher and I have talked about declaring our love in front of friends and family, about creating a legal bond to one another, and about affirming our commitment and desire to spend our loves together.  But somehow our expressed reasons do not seem to tell the whole story. Continue reading

Love & Marriage

On June 12th, the anniversary of the court decision legalizing interracial marriage, Christopher and I attended the beautiful wedding of our friends Lorena and Jennifer.  The brides were gorgeous, their families were beaming, and we all drank a little too much tequila – exactly like a wedding should be.  With one catch, Lorena and Jennifer can not legally get married in Colorado.   Though the most significant commitment is the one they’ve made in their hearts, Jennifer & Lorena’s marriage, and loads of other unions based on love and commitment, does not have the same legal protections or benefits that Christopher and I will have when we get married on July 11th.  Why does our country think it is okay to continue discriminating against certain groups of people? Continue reading

We have reservations!

Christopher and I made flight and hotel reservations today. Whoohoo! We’ll arrive in Las Vegas in the morning of Wednesday July 8th and will be staying at the Bellagio hotel. We come back to Denver as a MARRIED COUPLE in the evening of Monday the 13th.

Can’t wait to see you all there!