Leap of Faith

One question I’ve asked myself and Christopher – and that many friends have asked as well – is: Why get married?  Christopher and I have talked about declaring our love in front of friends and family, about creating a legal bond to one another, and about affirming our commitment and desire to spend our loves together.  But somehow our expressed reasons do not seem to tell the whole story.

Today I read a great post at A Practical Wedding, quoting author Anita Diamant, about why she chose to marry her husband.  One of my favorite lines: “Every wedding is an invocation of peace and wholeness and connection and joy. Good wishes flow from family and friends, through history and community, with wings and prayers and everything that might turn out to be holy in the universe.”

Although Christopher and I decided to ‘elope’ to Las Vegas, inviting our friends and family to crash the party is an important part of the equation for us.  Thank you for being there!

More from Anita Diamant:  “Getting married is an attempt at turning air into matter, transforming the ineffable workings of the heart into things that are “real”: the invitation, the dress, the ring. The words that constitute a wedding are magical incantations of the highest order. In the presence of witnesses and voiced by a vested authority, two people are pronounced a single unit. Ta-da!

2 thoughts on “Leap of Faith

  1. Kenia

    Good quotes Jacy!

    I need more details for the day of, after Graceland, what’s the plan? Do you want guests until for the reception, or will they be partying it up until 9pm, 7am? Where are we going?


  2. jacy Post author

    Good questions, Kenia! After the ceremony at the Graceland Chapel, everyone is invited to join us for the reception at the Downtown Cocktail Lounge for a couple of hours (like, 5:00-7:00.) From there – who knows? We’re going to put together a list of what’s going on in Las Vegas on Saturday night so people can do what interests them most. One fun idea is roller skating at the Beauty Bar.

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