A Father’s Wedding Toast

Hello, I’m Jacy’s father, Christopher’s father-in-law. I was pulled away from the reception before the wedding pie was served and any toasts were made to the honored couple. I would like to present a virtual toast to them now before the blissful wedding first month has ended.

Here is to my beautiful daughter Jacy whom I love very, very much and I am so proud of, and to her husband, my new son-in-law Christopher: Congratulations on your sacramental vows which you have declared before all present and all on the website to witness!

May your union, your partnering, be blessed with ever-expanding love and joy, with the long range vision and commitment to grow through all the challenges life throws your way, with health and prosperity, and with the gifts of children and grandchildren.

Today being a new step in your journey together, always treat each other with love, compassion, forgiveness, and kindness.

May your journey continue to be exciting, fulfilling, expanding, and beautiful.

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