Working on Hotel, etc.

We’re going to be calling around over the next few days to try to get a group rate on hotel rooms and maybe a show package. We carefully scheduled the wedding to be during the Las Vegas slow season. Indeed, there is not much going on with conventions and stuff so prices for hotels, shows, and whatever else might whet your appetite at the Vegas smorgasbord should be discounted. We like the MGM Grand — and I know others of you do too — so we’re going to start our calling there. Jacy’s grandfather is an Playa from the Old School, so he’ll get comped somewhere like Bally’s, Paris, or someplace downtown. If we can’t swing a great deal at our top choices, we’ll see if he can grease the rails a little at his regular joints.

2 thoughts on “Working on Hotel, etc.

  1. jacy

    Why Vegas? Why July? We’re getting some questions from our family and friends about what lead us to plan our elopement/wedding the way we have. Surprisingly, there was some logic to the process!

    VEGAS – increases likelihood that my 84-year old grandpa will attend; gives you all something to do while you’re not at our wedding; will be quite memorable; is a little goofy, like us!

    JULY – My sister, niece and brother-in-law will be in the States from London for a Montoya Family Reunion the weekend of the 4th of July so we wanted to make sure we caught them while they’re on this side of the pond; July in Vegas is affordable; July in Vegas is hot, just like our wedding will be! 🙂

  2. Andrea

    Any progress on the hotel front? I’m a little frightened that I bought a dress for the wedding this weekend but have no travel arrangements. Usually, the dress is the last item on the list for me…it’s making me nervous…my palms are all sweaty. OK, maybe not but I’m still jonesing to know!

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