The shopping continues…

Amazingly, I found a couple of dresses that could actually work while I was out shopping this weekend.  At the recommendation of our friend Kristen Brooks, I spent a couple of hours at Amanda’s Bridal in Arvada, CO looking for the perfect Vegas wedding dress.

The wedding dress companies try to torture women by making the dress sizes at least two sizes bigger than they would be on the street (i.e. if you usually wear a 10, then you wear a 14 in a wedding dress.  Nice, huh?)  I’m over that now (really!) and I’m excited to find the *right* dress at a price that doesn’t make me want to cry.

If you’re wondering what to wear to the wedding (because I know everyone is obsessing about it today, 6 months before the day), my suggesstion is something cool (‘cuz it’s gonna be hot) and Vegas-y (‘cuz when else will you have the opportunity?) As I’m sure you figured out already, our wedding will be slightly offbeat and not at all by the book.

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