Starting to think about schedule

Christopher and I have started drafting a very loose “schedule” for our wedding weekend.

We’re not planning any ‘official’ wedding events – except for the ceremony and post-party.  However, what follows is we’ve talked about a bit.

  • Friday night 07/10 – Bachelor/Bachelorette kind of stuff (I’ve been imagining a midnight pool party)
  • Saturday morning 07/11– “rehearsal” breakfast
  • Saturday 4:00 p.m. 07/11 – the ceremony
  • Saturday 07/11 after ceremony – party in our suite
  • Saturday 07/11 night – Cirque du Soleil? (Christopher is looking into this…)
  • Sunday 07/12 – none of your damn business – or brunch with everyone?  we’re debating

We’re thinking of arriving in Las Vegas on Wednesday or Thursday, I think.  The honeymoon’s planned for late-fall.

6 thoughts on “Starting to think about schedule

  1. Bill

    I was looking at Cirque’s website. Zumanity and KA don’t perform July 11-15.
    But there are still other Cirque shows to see.

  2. jacy Post author

    Phoebe-I know! That’s why I don’t think we’ll actually be able to hide away in our honeymoon suite – CP and I will both want to celebrate Gaia’s birthday with her! xoxo

  3. Andrea

    Does this loose schedule still sort of hold? We’re looking into booking our promo Circ tickets but don’t want to miss anything…also wondered if anyone else is looking into Circ and which one??

  4. jacy Post author

    Hi Andrea! I think the major events from the loose schedule are still in place – Bachelor/bachelorette bar crawl on Friday night, wedding at 4:00 on Saturday with reception to follow until 7:00. We hope to have a cabana at the Golden Nugget pool on Friday during the day and will definitely have one at the Bellagio pool on Sunday during the day. For after the reception on Saturday, we’re preparing a list of potential activities that people might like, Circ, roller skating, etc. I’ll work on posting new schedule once I get Christopher to make some decisions… See you soon!

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