Save-the-Date Magnets

The funniest thing happened today when I tried to mail our save-the date magnets for our wedding. Please, don’t take it personally if you don’t get one for a little while…

Early this morning, I drove up to the US Post Office mail box to send off our cool magnets.  I threw a small stack down the chute.  Then I threw another small stack down the chute and realized that the magnets were sticking to the sides of the METAL mail box.  Ha ha…grrrrr….ha ha…grrrr

I shoved my hand down the chute to remove as many envelopes as possible from the sides of the mail box.  And then gave up, temporarily (I had to get some work stuff done before 9:30.)

When I returned to the post office later in the day, the mail carriers thought I was insane for trying to mail a magnet in the first place.  They did promise, however, to scrape the sides of the mail box to find any stray envelopes that were left clinging to the sides.  I’ll be interested to hear how many of you all end up with a magnet…

5 thoughts on “Save-the-Date Magnets

  1. Linda (Mom of the Groom)

    Okay. That’s hilarious! I just adore you two! I can hardly wait for this wedding! (Lots of extra exclamation points!!!!)
    Love. M

  2. Valerie & Dano Cornell

    Hey guys!
    We got your magnet, very cool! It’s already in use on our fridge, holding up Caleb’s lunch schedule, he’s very happy to see you every day when he checks out his options 🙂 We’re excited for the big event and let us know what we can do to help, if you need it!
    Val & Dano

  3. Uncle Dave and Aunt Sharon Lotz

    We are thrilled with the darling magnet–so clever and such a great picture of you two cuties!!!! We definitely would love to work toward coming to the wedding, so we will be checking this website to find out more about the accomodations as time goes along. 🙂
    By the way, Uncle Dave and I got engaged 40 years ago today. Also, this would have been Gramma Rader’s 108th birthday today. Fun info, huh??? Much love to you both. Take good care. We are very excited about it all. XOXOXOXO Uncle Dave and Aunt Sharon

  4. Phoebe Montoya

    That is really funny! hahaha
    Thanks for the magnet – got me really excited for your big day

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