Are you bringing your kids?

When Christopher and I started talking about our memories and images of weddings, my first response was, “Lots of kids running around, definitely.”

I would love to have a million and one kids running around at our wedding, but I also know that Las Vegas isn’t exactly the greatest place for kids.  And some of you are probably planning on a grown-ups weekend anyway. 😉

Nevertheless, in case other kids in addition to our adorable niece & nephew Gaia & Carl are coming to our wedding, I wanted to start a thread for all you parent-types to talk amongst yourselves.  I think there are going to be some teenagers and other under-21 people there (my cousins & staff), so you may have accessible babysitter options for when you want to go out on the town.

What other things do you as parents need to know about our wedding weekend?

1 thought on “Are you bringing your kids?

  1. Andrea

    We are planning on a kid-free weekend (free from our own kids that is). I too love kids at weddings but can’t computer kids=Vegas in my pea-sized brain. Besides wedding related activity I have nearly the rest of the four days planned out and none of it would be fun for them or me for that matter if they are in tow! I promise though, we’ll bring them out to CO soon and you can watch them run around to your heart’s content.

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