How We Met

She Says:

Christopher and I met in April 2004 while he served as the President of Highland United Neighbors, Inc. (HUNI) and I attended a meeting because I was interested in serving on the HUNI board.  I developed a crush in him that night, though I wasn’t sure that I was his…um…type.  For several months I was excited to go to the HUNI meetings to see “that cute guy from my neighborhood association.”

Around the end of October/beginning of November 2004, view page
Christopher and I had the opportunity to interact on a more personal basis – I even tried to kiss him while we were out with friends on election night 2004.  Christopher claims he was completely oblivious.  Finally, we had our first date on November 19, 2004.  The rest is history.

He Says:

Whatever she says. Except that the rest is yet to come (or be revised as required.)

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